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RealTrac increased website speed using Amazon services

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Loading now takes less than 1 second both in Russia and abroad, and the convenience and quality of Amazon Web Services allow the customer to improve their work efficiency.



RealTrac Technologies develops industrial security systems, staff and equipment monitoring systems as well as solutions for optimization of business processes and resources for various sectors of the economy.

In 2016, the customer changed the development strategy and went to the international market. The business has expanded not only to foreign countries, but also to other continents such as Latin America, South Africa and Southeast Asia. Because of this, RealTrac has faced the situation when the website loading time in some regions was as long as 7 seconds. This was far longer than the average response time acceptable for today's Internet users. The risks of not getting the expected expansion of the customer base were too high.


In this situation, IT staff at RealTrac began to look for a reliable solution for hosting and DNS service. Amazon Web Services was a good choice for the customer given the range of products, their quality, response time and customization options.

But since Amazon is an American company, direct interaction was quite difficult in this case. First of all, non-cash payments were impossible, then there could be the complex interaction for the organization of the entire service provision process due to the difference in time zones and a possible language barrier. Thus, RealTrac Technologies chose Noventiq as a reliable partner of Amazon in Russia to address these issues.

As a result of the project implementation the company uses two services:

  • Amazon EC2 – virtual cloud server. This service allows choosing the geographical location of the server. Amazon is present almost in all regions, so they can host a website directly on the continent where a potential client is located. This will give the shortest response time.
    Besides, Amazon offers a free trial during the year, also you can scale up and scale down the resources in a few clicks. This is very convenient, for example, when you need to launch an advertising campaign and increase capacity for this peak period, and then you can immediately return to a cheaper rate. Also the customer appreciates the payment after delivery option: first you get the continuous services and then pay for the used amount. Noventiq also offers the deferred payment for financial flexibility.
  • Route 53 is a cloud DNS web-service. It is used as a reliable and cost-effective way of redirecting end users to Internet applications by converting domain names to digital IP addresses. Using this service you can create domains, and subdomains in no time and change their settings in seconds without the need for long interaction with the hosting provider.


Previously the site loading time in Russia could be up to 3 seconds, and in other countries
it could even reach 7 seconds, now the approximate page loading times are as follows:

  • Russia – 0.95 s
  • Latin America – 1 s
  • North America – 0.07 s
  • South African Republic – 1.10 s

This speed meets today's requirements for comfortable surfing on the Internet. In the future, RealTrac plans to continue implementing its cloud projects using Amazon Web Services through a partnership with Noventiq. This is a deliberate choice of the company that meets its requirements for efficiency and ease of service delivery.

That's what the customer says about the project

"We know that our clients are pressed for time, and we appreciate their time. For
this reason, comfortable experience of our website's visitors is very important for us. Amazon Web Services give us the major benefit – we can give our customers the information they need so quickly that they don't even have the thought of getting it elsewhere. And we chose Noventiq as our supplier because we knew that the interaction would be simple, quick and transparent. Thanks to our cooperation we can easily perform all the currency transactions and receive the required service in full”, Evgeniy Afanasyev, Marketing Director of RealTrac Technologies.

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