AI Workplace Revolution with Copilot

AI Workplace Revolution with Copilot

The way we work with M365 is just about to undergo a transformative change, thanks to Copilot. Here’s what you need to know and how Noventiq can help you get ahead.


1. What are the key features and benefits of Copilot?

Key features:

  • Quicker progress

    • Complete tasks quicker
    • Engage in higher value activities
    • Increase output
  • Better outcomes

    • Improve quality of content produced
    • Enhance creativity
    • Enable less experienced workers to achieve greater success
  • Less work

    • Cut out mundane tasks
    • Improve wellbeing and engagement
    • Increase job satisfaction through better results

Copilot is designed to be offered as an extra to existing business solutions (M365 BS, BP, E3, E5, etc.).

2. What steps are involved in implementing Copilot within an organization?

Getting the most out of Copilot involves a number of key steps:

  • Identify your success team
  • Deploy training and Champion programs
  • Build momentum with success stories and knowledge sharing
  • Identify new high value functional and cross-org scenarios
  • Address data security, governance, and data access questions
  • Ensure appropriate Data Security controls are in place and deploy additional Microsoft 365 apps
  • Establish service management plan
  • Design, build, and publish plugins to deliver unique experiences

Picture this: your team seamlessly navigating through their tasks with the assistance of a reliable personal assistant AI. Noventiq's CoPilot, tailored for Microsoft 365 users, brings this vision to life. From streamlining repetitive tasks to offering real-time insights, CoPilot revolutionizes the way organizations operate. Imagine your sales team effortlessly managing client interactions, your HR department swiftly handling employee onboarding, and your finance team staying on top of budget tracking—all powered by CoPilot's intelligent automation.

CoPilot acts as your trusted partner, handling routine tasks with precision and speed. Need to schedule a meeting? CoPilot does it in a flash, finding the perfect time for all attendees. Want to generate reports? CoPilot compiles data and presents insights in a digestible format, saving you hours of manual work. By harnessing the power of AI, CoPilot not only enhances efficiency but also amplifies productivity across your organization.

But CoPilot is more than just a tool; it's a strategic asset that empowers teams to make smarter decisions faster. Whether you're in the boardroom analyzing market trends or on the production floor optimizing workflows, CoPilot provides the insights you need when you need them. With CoPilot, you're not just keeping up with the competition—you're staying steps ahead.

Transitioning to AI-powered solutions like CoPilot requires more than just implementation; it demands a commitment to training and adaptation. At Noventiq, we understand the importance of guiding your team through this transformation. Our comprehensive training programs ensure that your staff not only embrace CoPilot but also leverage its full potential. From hands-on workshops to personalized coaching, we equip your team with the skills they need to thrive in the age of AI.

Ready to supercharge your organization with CoPilot? Let Noventiq be your guide on this transformative journey. Together, we'll unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and success.

Copilot contributes to create value message by speeding up workflow, reducing the time spent on tasks, and lowering the risk of human error.

Imagine the difference between walking and cycling—a shift from a slow, steady pace to swift, efficient movement. Similarly, embracing artificial intelligence (AI) is like learning to ride a bike. While walking (representing traditional methods) gets you from point A to point B, cycling (symbolizing AI) propels you forward with unparalleled speed and agility. However, mastering the art of cycling requires guidance and practice.

At Noventiq, we understand that adopting AI solutions such as CoPilot is not just about implementation—it's about empowering your team to ride confidently into the future. Our "Art of the Possible" workshop serves as a starting point, where we explore the vast potential of CoPilot and prompt engineering (prompt engineering refers to the method of guiding individuals to learn and adapt to new technologies effectively).

During this workshop, we evaluate how CoPilot can enhance your existing processes and workflows. We delve into the specific challenges and opportunities within your organization, identifying key areas where AI can drive significant improvements. But our support doesn't stop there. We understand that learning to ride the AI bike requires hands-on training and ongoing support.

Noventiq acts as a strategic partner in the integration of CoPilot, offering expert consultation tailored to your company's unique needs and objectives. Our process involves a meticulous assessment of your current systems, customization of CoPilot to align with your operational requirements, and comprehensive training for your team. From the initial setup to continued optimization, Noventiq ensures a smooth transition and provides ongoing support to maximize the benefits of CoPilot for your company.

Moreover, Noventiq is well positioned to support organizations of all sizes and across diverse regions. As a trusted Microsoft country partner, we provide CoPilot licenses through CSP and EA across 60 countries, including emerging regions such as EMEA, LATAM, and APAC—where Noventiq holds a significant presence. With our global reach and local expertise, we're here to guide you every step of the way on your AI journey.

Ready to trade in your walking shoes for a set of wheels? Let Noventiq be your cycling instructor on the path to AI success.

As well as providing Copilot license, Noventiq has a wide Services offerings across the whole Microsoft 365 Copilot life cycle: 


  • Lead business transformation conversations with Copilot
  • Provide guidance for the responsible use of AI
  • Identify persons and scenarios that would deliver the most value if reimagined with Ai

Noventiq’s expert advisors lead transformative conversations, guiding you through the seamless integration of AI into your operations. With a keen focus on using AI responsibly, we ensure that every step taken with Copilot aligns with your ethical and strategic objectives.

We work closely with your team to identify key individuals and scenarios within your organization primed for AI-driven reimagination, unlocking untapped potential and delivering unparalleled value. Let’s navigate the path to innovation together, powered by the cutting-edge capabilities of Microsoft Copilot.

Readiness Assessment

  • Assess licensing and technical readiness
  • Assess customer data protection and governance
  • Showcase the benefits of Copilot
  • Identify high-value scenarios

Embark on the journey to readiness with Noventiq's expert guidance. Our team assesses your licensing and technical landscape to ensure Microsoft Copilot is implemented seamlessly into your operations. With a steadfast commitment to data protection and governance, we conduct thorough evaluations, safeguarding your assets every step of the way. Through compelling case studies, we’ll show you the many benefits Copilot can bring to your organization, from enhanced productivity to innovative problem-solving. Together, we’ll pinpoint high-value scenarios ripe for AI-driven transformation, and set the stage for success in your AI journey.


  • Close readiness gaps
  • Build a business case
  • Plan customer success with Microsoft account teams
  • Evaluate Microsoft 365 tenant usage and configure security and compliance
  • Launch pilot

With Noventiq's strategic approach, deployment has never been easier. We specialize in closing readiness gaps, ensuring that your organization is positioned to harness the full power of Microsoft Copilot. Our team will work alongside you to build a compelling business case, showcasing the immense value Copilot brings to your operations. Partnering closely with Microsoft account teams, we plan for your success, leveraging their expertise to maximize the impact of Copilot within your organization. By evaluating your Microsoft 365 tenant usage and configuring security and compliance settings, we ensure a seamless integration. And when it's time to take the leap, we’ll guide you through the launch of a pilot program, providing invaluable insights and support every step of the way.

At Noventiq, we believe in driving Adoption Excellence through a unique approach tailored to your organization's needs. Our process begins with a thorough Discovery phase, where we delve deep into your Microsoft 365 environment, user workflows, and change readiness. By identifying potential adoption gaps and risks with Microsoft 365 Copilot, we lay the foundation for a successful transformation.

Next, we work closely with your leadership team to craft a comprehensive Strategy for AI integration. This involves articulating clear AI vision statements, defining use cases aligned with your business goals, and securing executive sponsorship to drive organization-wide AI transformation. With our guidance, you'll be equipped to lead your team confidently into the future of AI-driven productivity.

Communication and Training are essential components of our approach. We ignite interest through internal campaigns and design persona-based training to empower your staff to leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot's capabilities effectively. We identify superusers within your organization who can quickly grasp the technology and empower them to share their expertise with their peers.

As champions of Adoption and Reinforcement, we take proactive measures to drive adoption and ensure long-term success. From active monitoring and building internal communities to empowering and incentivizing end-users, we provide ongoing support to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Optimization is key to sustaining success. We gather user feedback, analyze usage analytics, and refine our approach to drive continuous improvement. By delivering regular adoption status reports to stakeholders, we keep your AI journey on track and aligned with your business objectives.

Unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Copilot goes beyond basic integration. At Noventiq, we offer extensibility services that enable you to connect Copilot with your entire digital landscape. Our experts conduct line-of-business app assessments to identify opportunities for seamless integration. We develop custom plugins and connections to extend the value of Copilot, allowing you to leverage its capabilities across HR, CRM, Sales, and beyond.

By connecting your data to Microsoft Graph and Dataverse, we create a unified data ecosystem that fuels intelligent decision-making and drives business growth. Our team specializes in delivering integration, customization, and configuration services, ensuring that Copilot seamlessly integrates into your workflows and maximizes its impact on productivity and efficiency.

**Noventiq is one of Microsoft’s Global Partners, boasting 6 Solution Designations, 15 Advanced Specializations, Azure Expert MSP status, and membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). As of 2024, Noventiq stands as Microsoft’s largest global partner in India.

Embark on a transformative journey with Microsoft 365 Navigator by unlocking the potential of AI-powered experiences and ushering in a new era of human-AI collaboration. Let Noventiq be your guide on this exciting journey toward digital transformation.

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