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Hitachi Energy Chooses Noventiq to Transform ITAM and Drive Scalability

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Here’s how Noventiq built a solution for Hitachi from the ground up to empower efficiency and scalability. Hitachi’s vision for growth combined with Noventiq’s flair for innovation is a true partnership of progress.

The Client and the Project

Hitachi Energy, a burgeoning player in the energy industry, embarked on a transformative digital journey to establish its own identity separate from its parent company, ABB. Faced with the daunting task of building their IT infrastructure and defining Software Asset Management (SAM) tools and services from scratch, Hitachi Energy sought a partner to navigate the complexities of this transition. Noventiq emerged as the chosen collaborator, standing out with its expertise in digital transformations and SAM solutions.

The Challenge: Building from the Ground Up

Hitachi Energy's transition was marked by numerous concurrent projects spanning IT, HR, Legal, and more, necessitating a robust data infrastructure to manage the influx of information. As an emerging entity, Hitachi Energy had to establish its own network, SAM tools, and associated solutions while adapting to organizational changes and shifts in personnel and processes. Compliance with software licenses and the need for a comprehensive overview of the software landscape were paramount concerns.

The Solution: Partnering for Progress

In the midst of this monumental endeavor, Noventiq emerged as a guiding force. Recognizing the need for a robust SAM solution, Noventiq recommended the implementation of Flexera One. As the project evolved, Hitachi Energy found itself seeking a managed SAM provider that could accommodate the company's rapid growth and change. Noventiq's flexibility and expertise in handling transformative projects made it a natural fit.

The Outcome: Empowering Efficiency and Scalability

Through a collaborative effort, Hitachi Energy and Noventiq successfully established a solid foundation for digital transformation. The deployment of Flexera One allowed Hitachi Energy to gain a comprehensive overview of its software environment, ensuring compliance and optimized application landscapes. Senior management's support for compliance was reinforced, and the organization achieved newfound scalability, enabling it to adapt to evolving business needs. This partnership facilitated the seamless migration of Hitachi Energy from a project under ABB's umbrella to a fully independent and thriving business entity.

The Takeaway: A Vision for Growth

Markus Zehnder, Hitachi Energy's Global Software Asset Management Lead, lauds the partnership with Noventiq: "Noventiq has been instrumental in helping us achieve our digital transformation goals. Their expertise, flexibility, and ability to adapt to our changing needs have been invaluable." The success story of Hitachi Energy and Noventiq underscores the transformative power of collaboration, as both companies worked hand in hand to drive efficiency, compliance, and scalability.

Moving Forward: A Bright Future

As the partnership between Hitachi Energy and Noventiq continues to evolve, Hitachi Energy is poised to fully transition away from ABB, solidifying its identity as an independent and thriving business entity. The journey of digital transformation has paved the way for a future marked by innovation, efficiency, and growth.

For more information on how Noventiq can guide your digital transformation journey, please reach out to us for a friendly chat.

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