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A seamless teamwork solution to fit your business (like a glove)

Vendors Noventiq

Problems with remote teams and creative tasks? You’re not the only one. Everyone’s finding out how hard it can be to make sure their teams are able to collaborate effectively. Here’s how one business turned this tricky area to its advantage during their migration to the cloud.

Our customer is a textiles company which has been at the heart of Mumbai’s textiles industry since they first opened its doors way back in the late 1800s. Along the way, they’ve built a reputation for being innovators in their field, paving the way forward with wrinkle-free, easy-care, and anti-bacterial clothes. 

In 2009, they opened a state-of-the-art factory, producing a wide range of premium textiles, with everything from bottom weights & suitings to finer fabrics and household linen. Fast forward to 2022, and the company was looking at a headcount of 2400 employees, an extensive network of distributors and dealers in India, and an exclusive range of home textiles and other products which they ship out to the whole world.

The problem 

Up to this point, the customer had been using traditional email, but there was no system for collaboration in use. Ideas bounced around endlessly in emails, and it was anyone’s guess if they would ever see the light of day. The leadership team saw that there was a pressing need for an email and document management system that was secure, scalable, and completely integrated with their business processes. As such, the customer was looking to bring all their employees onto a single platform to help them collaborate and communicate more effectively. They were also on the lookout for a solution that could help them meet the stringent security and compliance policies of the textile sector.

The customer reached out to Noventiq, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, to create an email solution, collaborative tools, and security features, and stitch it all together with Microsoft Teams. 

The solution 

After Noventiq conducted a thorough analysis of the existing IT infrastructure in the company, it became apparent that the customer was in dire need of a solution to free them from cumbersome manual processes. At the same time, it was vital for them to maintain and secure their systems to a high level so that information would be easy to search, accurate, and secure for any future audit.

Noventiq developed a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft 0365 for the customer in the form of a security suite to ensure a reliable, scalable, and modern IT foundation to help the business scale quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining security at the same time. 

The result

The company rolled out its highly-secure Work from Anywhere remote work model early on in the COVID-19 lockdown to its 2400 employees. The solution was based on Microsoft 365 and Teams, and built to reflect what the company recognises as the real strength behind its innovations – its people.

Here’s how this solution has changed the way this customer does business today: 

Enhanced productivity

Employees can access their corporate email accounts irrespective of their device, location, or network. What’s more, each employee has enough storage for their emails and attachments. No more time spent deleting content or looking for a space to store it offline.

Improved collaboration

Microsoft Teams keeps everyone in touch and up to speed, minimising time delays in decision-making and execution. OneDrive and SharePoint have also made it a lot easier to share and collaborate on documents – without compromising security.

Cloud management gateway 

Implementing CMG has enhanced productivity and helps the IT team to manage remote devices effectively. This means that remote employees aren’t tied to the office, or posing a security risk to the company.Teams can now store larger files and data on the cloud without overloading internal systems.

Secure data storage and backups 

Teams can now store larger files and data on the cloud without overloading internal systems.

Customer takeaway

“Noventiq’s solution, based on O365, has fulfilled all our requirements in terms of compliance, security & productivity features. Given that email and communication tools are so vital to the day-to-day running for any modern organisation, we couldn’t afford any downtime during the migration. Noventiq made sure that we were able to keep working as normal during the process.”

Noventiq’s takeaway

Noventiq’s all-in approach to Microsoft Office 365 ensures that your business continues to grow by providing the remote workforce with all the necessary tools to thrive and adapt in a modern digital world. It really gives credence to the old adage that a stitch in time saves nine.

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