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Custom Software Development

Microsoft-Partner Awards
  • Unique products New products and services, differentiated by features driven by consumer demand, are what organizations sell to increase revenue. In close collaboration with these organizations, we implement a product roadmap through rapid prototyping, experimentation, and hypothesis-based development. Such custom software may be based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), AI/machine learning (ML), or embedded systems.
  • Unique operational processes Increasing productivity through the elimination of systematic human errors requires enhancing operating efficiencies via automation. A custom solution is necessary when there's a need to operate or automate business processes that are unique to the organization. To address these requirements, we develop custom payment processing providers capable of processing millions of transactions daily, along with telecommunications operational support systems that provision new customers, manage networks, and serve government agencies.
  • Unique user experience Businesses in consumer-facing industries such as retail, financial services and entertainment seek to differentiate themselves through the digital experience they offer their customers. To answer these needs, we build custom dynamic websites, smartphone apps, and tablet applications, that provide personalization of content and promotions, or interactive voice and text responses.

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We provide a comprehensive suite of services across the entire digital production life cycle that blend strategy, development, change management, technology know-how, large-scale application delivery and design solutions to provide tailored user experiences and solutions to complex client requirements, particularly when the requirements demand a balance of traditional and emerging capabilities. As a full-stack provider across the complete information and communications technology stack for complex integrated solutions at a global scale, we set up cross-functional teams to enable speed and agility and improve productivity.

Our expertise encompasses AI and ML models, analytical tools, and business intelligence systems to enhance interactions across a variety of digital touchpoints, including web, mobile apps, chatbots, AR/VR, and wearables. To ensure the highest level of performance and scalability, we maintain partnerships with leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services [AWS], Google Cloud Platform [GCP], and Microsoft Azure) and leverage advanced API management platforms. This integrated approach allows us to deliver innovative, data-driven experiences that meet the evolving needs of users in a dynamic digital landscape.

We combine deep industry experience with its ability to design and build custom solutions across several sectors in each industry. Clients can expect a clear understanding of industry trends and how custom solutions can be leveraged to support these trends. We combine industry and technical expertise to provide our clients context to their industry, and what is relevant and differentiating to tailor a solution that delivers competitive market advantage.

We have a strong track record of working with sophisticated clients on highly complex next-generation software challenges. We take a “jobs-to-be-done” approach to assess requirements/design and create a product vision and roadmap that incorporates best practices for achieving the best market fit. Our software engineering operating model enables clients to meet constantly shifting market needs. We prioritizes the understanding of client’s business needs, and then aligns the software development journey and engineering capabilities leveraged by human-centered product design, product roadmap, platform engineering and AI/ML.

With consistent delivery capabilities across Eastern Europe, we are a strong and viable nearshore partner for a broad range of clients in the U.S. and Western Europe, from hypergrowth startups and scaleups to the largest global enterprises. Our flexible commercial models are designed to accommodate the varying needs, budgets, and project scopes. Clients may pay for the actual time spent on a project, billed hourly or daily or fixed price per sprint to combine the predictability of fixed pricing with the flexibility of Agile development

We have a strong culture of math, computer science and software engineering, which makes it a solid choice for clients looking to work with, and learn from, high-quality specialists from highly collaborative and responsive teams across multiple geographies. We train new resources to a high level of proficiency so that replaced resources are able to deliver relatively quickly. The low attrition rate allows us to attract, develop and retain most of its technical talent due to a smart combination of leadership programs and internal best practices.

Through discovery sessions and ideation workshops, followed by pilots and scalability exercises, we define problems and validate solutions with an experience-led approach. This partnership approach to scoping and prioritizing builds aids in de-risking implementations, and setting the right expectations with business stakeholders regarding the minimum viable product. This methodology ensures that we deliver not just solutions, but meaningful experiences that resonate with our clients' values and objectives.

We have established ourselves as a flexible and trusted partner, evidenced by our significant number of long-standing client relationships. These relationships are a testament to our client centricity and our commitment to balancing the delivery of value-added services with price attractiveness. Our approach has cultivated a high degree of customer trust, as shown by the large pool of our long-term clients.

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