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Migrating to Azure? Here’s some fuel for thought

Vendors Microsoft, Noventiq

The customer in this story is a Fortune 500 powerhouse petroleum company based in India.

The customer of this project sell petrol, diesel, automotive LPG and CNG alongside premium products through a network of about 18,000 retail outlets across India, and have a market share of above 25%.

They also enjoy a reputation for being ahead of the curve when it comes to utilising tech innovations to improve their service delivery. Solutions like a secure digital payment system for smart billing, tamper-proof fuel stations by tankers which use state-of-the-art, geo-fencing tech, and automated SMS updates sent to customers after each transaction have marked the company out against its competitors.

The problem

Since their user base was spread across the country, the customer was looking for a way to migrate their sprawling digital infrastructure. And, if that wasn’t enough of a challenge – given that the infrastructure was a critical part of their core business and revenue, this massive shift had to be achieved with minimal disruptions to business or access.

The solution

When it comes to large-scale projects where ‘downtime’ is a forbidden word, planning is key. Once our experts had evaluated the customer’s digital infrastructure, they provided the company’s management with a comprehensive roadmap, detailing each step of the migration and ways to minimise the associated risks to their day-to-day operations. This allowed the company the visibility they needed to be able to schedule the migration so that it would have minimal impact for both employees and customers.

The roadmap comprised 5 steps:

  1. Rethink the architecture – Design, consult and migrate to Azure Cloud from one region to another region along with maintaining a highly available infrastructure to thousand customers and automate it to scale as per the requirement;
  2. Migrate the infrastructure – The customer was looking to migrate their huge infrastructure from Western to Central India (EA to EA subscription migration);
  3. Migrate subscriptions – Parallel infra migration in a new EA subscription as a replica of the existing infra and data will be migrated from one subscription to another;
  4. Integrate Azure – Azure Integration Services developed on DevOps based systems with Kubernetes as the orchestration layer for multiple app level components Function Apps, Logic etc.;
  5. Optimise costs – Businesses overspend on Cloud Infrastructure such as past overspending, reporting unused storage devices, VMs, and similarly wasted resources.

The result

The outcomes far exceeded the customer’s expectations. Aside from a successful migration with minimal downtime and loss of revenue, the company also benefited from:

  • Reliable and secured connectivity in the Azure environment
  • Improved application performance
  • Optimised spend
  • Infrastructure which is fit to scale

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