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Building Cyber Resilience: How Marico Improved Threat Detection by 30%

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Marico recognized the need to thwart evolving cyberthreats and, in doing so, shield the organization from the dangers of financial losses, operational disruptions, and data breaches.

With the rise of AI, cybercriminals have a faster, more efficient way to target and attack businesses. The relentless evolution of cyberthreats calls for solutions and infrastructures that are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity practices.

Furthermore, the costs associated with cyberattacks keep rising. According to IBM Security, the average cost of a data breach in India reached a whopping 17.9 crores in 2023. Detection and escalation costs have also risen by 45% since 2020, highlighting the need for automated cybersecurity systems.

An Industry Leader With a Vast Digital Presence

Established in 1990, Marico is a formidable global brand that provides consumer products and services in the areas of health, beauty, and wellness. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Marico operates over 7 factories in India, and they serve a diverse clientele spanning 25 countries across Asia and Africa.

As an MNC with a vast digital presence, Marico recognized the need to thwart evolving cyberthreats and, in doing so, shield the organization from the dangers of financial losses, operational disruptions, and data breaches.

Harnessing the Expertise of Noventiq and the Power of Azure Sentinel

Marico Limited was previously using a conventional cybersecurity solution, but in the face of growing concerns, they sought a more advanced and comprehensive security solution: Azure Sentinel, to protect their digital assets.

Noventiq's stellar track record and extensive expertise in implementing advanced IT security solutions, particularly in large-scale enterprises with intricate digital ecosystems, and a professional approach to customer relations, made them the ideal choice for Marico.

Kiran Babu - Director of Solution Sales, Noventiq India, said:

“Noventiq delivers solutions that don't just mitigate risks but fortify the very foundations of our clients' digital empires. Our comprehensive practical experience combined with an unswerving commitment to excellence in cybersecurity empowers us to help clients protect their digital assets at an enterprise scale,”

Mayuresh Purandare - Head IT - Infrastructure and Security, Marico Limited, said:

“Noventiq's technical prowess in cybersecurity and their deployment of Azure Sentinel has been pivotal in safeguarding our organization. Their proactive stance on threat detection and swift incident responses have bestowed upon us tranquility in an increasingly perilous threat landscape.”

The task was enormous - Marico's digital ecosystem comprises a massive user base across 25 countries and a substantial volume of data, including customer information, financial data, and intellectual property.

Noventiq commenced the project with an exhaustive audit of the same, rooting out vulnerabilities and charting a roadmap to cater to Marico's cybersecurity requirements.

Noventiq worked with Marico's IT team to craft a systematic blueprint to integrate Azure Sentinel and establish robust communication channels. Event collectors and a terminal server were strategically placed within Marico's digital defense system to help gather security events from various sources efficiently.

The highlight was when Noventiq set up Azure Sentinel in Marico's Azure environment. The cloud-based security system took on the role of being the smart hub, delivering security analytics, threat monitoring, and coordinated responses to threats.

Thorough testing was conducted to ensure smooth data flow from sources to collectors to the Sentinel base, thus enhancing visibility of security events. Finally, Noventiq carefully fine-tuned Azure Sentinel to its highest level of performance, allowing it to spot and react to security threats with great accuracy.

Resilience, Compliance, and Cost-Savings: The Complete Package

The success of the project enabled Marico to fortify its cyber defenses with real-time monitoring, threat detection, and rapid incident response capabilities. Threat detection improved by 30% and incident response time reduced by 40%.

Noventiq’s understanding of industry standards and regulations helped Marico mitigate cybersecurity risks while cementing its operational integrity and complying with legal requisites.

Leveraging Azure Sentinel's cloud-native architecture, Marico saved on extra costs by minimizing the need for additional secure VPN channels. Noventiq projects annual cost savings of 25% in cybersecurity operations for Marico.

All in all, the deployment of Microsoft Azure Sentinel had a profound impact on Marico’s cybersecurity posture.

The Way Forward

The partnership between Noventiq and Marico highlights the benefits of a proactive and technologically advanced cybersecurity approach. Noventiq will continue working with Marico Limited to further improve their cybersecurity posture by conducting regular assessments, optimizing processes, and leveraging advanced security solutions.

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