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  • Noventiq facilitates full digital transformation to one of Chile´s top technical institutions, empowering student communication and collaboration

Noventiq facilitates full digital transformation to one of Chile´s top technical institutions, empowering student communication and collaboration

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Noventiq Chile, a leader in providing technology for the education segment, aims to contribute to the education program of one of Chile's main technical educational institutions.


This institution has a social role, with more than 50 years of experience, 18 locations throughout the country, and over 100,000 students. While the educational institution has invested in modernizing its infrastructure and providing access to modern facilities and learning resources, it requires ongoing digital evolution to sustain high-quality service for students, faculty, and administrative staff. This is where the strategic alliance between Noventiq and the institution comes in, taking advantage of the FastTrack benefits available for the customer's investment in Microsoft Licensing.

Initially, the objective was to improve and modernize internal communications with students and staff throughout the country. Noventiq and the customer worked to define a digital transformation roadmap, and Noventiq complemented this route with the implementation of the security solutions included in the suit of Microsoft 365.

To start, Noventiq worked to understand the customer's needs and challenges, which were raised by the institute. Together with the FastTrack and Noventiq teams, they identified the business goals that could be achieved through the FastTrack Program, helping the customer to exceed their expectations by minimizing the cost for technical resources and quantifying the transformation success with specific metrics and KPIs.

The main goals that the institution aimed to address through its digital transformation were:

  • Ensuring the continuity of its education quality during the Covid pandemic by providing students across the country with access to virtual education opportunities through a virtual campus.
  • Offering a flexible educational proposal allowing students to plan their academic, work, and family activities without the need to physically attend classes.
  • Increasing collaboration among its locations and workers by establishing new digital channels to improve community involvement.

Based on these goals, Noventiq defined an implementation strategy that involved the institution's executive team, area leaders, and FastTrack specialists. The solutions that were addressed included:

  • Communication and collaboration tools such as Exchange, Teams, Viva, and Yammer.
  • Platform security tools such as Intune and MIP.
  • Document management and Intranet solutions such as SharePoint online.

By addressing these challenges and implementing these solutions, Noventiq and the educational institution were able to achieve their digital transformation goals and ensure the continued delivery of high-quality education to students across the country.

On board

The collaborative teamwork between Noventiq, the assigned FastTrack team, and Microsoft´s local team began with an evaluation of the customer's existing infrastructure. This led to the development of a plan to install and configure Microsoft 365 services to achieve the initial objectives of the digital transformation project.

First phase:

The team focused on enabling communication channels and increasing scalability through cloud migration of email. This provided students with a collaborative environment without geographical restrictions or capacity limitations, allowing for worldwide training opportunities.

Second phase:

The team concentrated on the adoption of collaboration tools, highlighting the value of these resources to automate daily activities by 30%. The team worked closely with the Human Resources department of the institution to define the adoption route, which included Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The actual monthly active users (MAU) for these tools are 10,600, 10,000, and 10,000, respectively, with 100% usage rate.

As a value-added service, Noventiq developed a learning center based on SharePoint Online with digital and interactive materials to teach collaboration with Microsoft 365 tools. The team at Noventiq also implemented Yammer to connect, engage, and build loyalty among internal users across different locations, resulting in a 30% increase in collaborative work. More than 20 communities were created, including a secondary network for administrative staff and an internal application to highlight compliments.

An intranet was developed based on SharePoint Online to centralize key institutional information, including news, events, benefits, and access to Yammer feeds. This implementation brought the institution closer digitally to its values of ethics, diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility through different programs and activities, generating new digital channels.

Third phase:

The team implemented various actions to elevate the security requirements of the new cloud environments enabled on the Microsoft 365 platform. The Zero Trust approach was used for devices and data, with trainings to sensitize and educate users on online security and protecting institution information. Endpoint Manager was used to simplify app administration, configure institutional security policies, and provide safe and efficient access to resources and apps.

To ensure data protection and information security, Noventiq proposed an increased focus on this topic through the implementation of a complete secure data plan with Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MIP). Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies were implemented to prevent the leak of sensitive data and comply with data protection regulations. These efforts have had a significant impact on the institution's collaborative process and credibility for internal customers.

Drive value

To ensure end-user satisfaction and successful usage of the Microsoft solutions implemented, several strategies were defined. These included live trainings, guidance materials, webinars, and capsules, as well as special workshops and communication channel trainings to automate daily activities. Noventiq also implemented a champion program in each business area to ensure successful adoption of all tools. Thanks to these activities, the adoption of Microsoft 365 has had a significant impact, increasing the number of active users. Currently, the educational institution has 7,202 monthly active users in Exchange, 1,574 in Intune, 205,942 in MIP, 10,019 in SharePoint Online, and 10,689 in Teams.

Overall, the implementation of these adoption strategies and trainings was a complete success, achieving a 100% adoption rate of all implemented tools. This success would not have been possible without the teamwork and contributions of the FastTrack team, institution area leaders, executive sponsor, Microsoft local team, and the leadership of Noventiq Chile. With this technology improvement, the education customer is now able to offer careers 100% online and international educational programs, providing a centralized and efficient experience for students, faculties, and administrative staff, and reinforcing their contribution to technical education in Chile.

Looking ahead, Noventiq's purpose is to continue the digitalization and secure adoption roadmap of the customer as a trusted advisor. The next step is to unify collaboration in Teams with Microsoft Viva and adopt new artificial intelligence tools like Copilot for end users, which will have a significant impact on the entire community.

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