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Noventiq boosts resilience of global education system through EdTech projects

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Noventiq’s EdTech creds grow during the pandemic.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

The context

Noventiq, a leading global Information Technology solutions and services provider, is facilitating and expanding access to vital educational tools through our involvement in a growing number of EdTech projects around the world.

To date, Noventiq has collaborated with more than 2,800 educational entities including universities, public organisations, schools, etc. to introduce the technology necessary to support future generations of tech professionals, ensuring they have the access and essential knowledge to thrive in increasingly digital working environments.

The solution

In June 2021, Noventiq began work on a project with the Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association (Hungarnet), which provides software solutions to Hungarian university students and to all teachers. As a result, Noventiq will supply more than 420,000 Microsoft 365 licences to the entire Hungarian higher educational system, ensuring access to the collaboration tools necessary to support distance learning.

Dr. Tick József, President of Hungarnet, comments, “We are thrilled to partner with Noventiq to ensure that over 150,000 faculty members and students will be able to use the most updated technology solutions they need to teach and learn. The pandemic highlighted the need for resilience in education, and we’re proud to implement this project to guarantee uninterrupted access to vital tools that can facilitate distance learning, no matter what challenges the future may bring.”

Noventiq also recently helped UniMinuto, a non-profit organisation founded to help Colombia’s impoverished population receive access to higher education, expand their education and social services in Africa. Noventiq brought to UniMinuto a strategy for Eudist Technological University Institution on the Ivory Coast that implements Noventiq’s TotalVoice Solution, integrated with Microsoft Teams, an easy-to-use dynamic 100% cloud solution. Not only did Noventiq help transform the organisation, but the project enabled faculty and students to remain connected in their communities.

Saúl Reyes, Technology and Information Systems Director at UniMinuto University, comments: “Noventiq was instrumental in UniMinuto, solving a key business challenge to integrate all of the university’s workflows in the first 48 hours, while ensuring the educational process can continue through any disruption. Global challenges such as the pandemic negatively impact remote and poor communities, so EdTech initiatives that connect educators and students are a vital component of UniMinuto’s overall mission to bring education to where it’s needed the most.”

In addition to the projects in Hungary and Colombia, Noventiq has successfully facilitated a number of EdTech initiatives globally. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Supported the Ministry of Education for the City of Buenos Aires by managing more than 200,000 digital devices for the city’s students and teachers to enrich their experience.
  • Provided 16 schools in Birobidzhan with robotics equipment. Students can now gain practical skills in areas such as robot design, building electronic devices based on microcomputers, and assembling and programming unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Helped Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) to implement artificial intelligence projects using an NVIDIA supercomputer, empowering the university to perform mathematical modelling related to the development of algorithms.

Sergey Chernovolenko, CEO at Noventiq, said: “We’re pleased to see a growing number of regional governments, associations and organisations investing in their communities by implementing large-scale, essential initiatives designed to ensure that students and educators have access to the technology they need to teach and learn. In addition to helping to bring these vital projects life, Noventiq is providing digital transformation and cybersecurity services to educational entities. As a result of the relationships we’ve developed in our work on EdTech projects, we are in discussions to provide security solutions to more educational entities, which will ultimately lead to a safe, more secure global educational system.”

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