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Antenna Hungária counts on Noventiq to optimise their cybersecurity

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Noventiq worked previously with Antenna Hungária on introducing Office 365 with a specific focus on Exchange Online. Noventiq’s knowledge of Antenna Hungária’s business operations and IT systems ensured that we could find them the most suitable solutions.

The context

Antenna Hungária is one of the leaders in the Hungarian telecommunications market. Their main activities are television and radio broadcasting, telecommunication and satellite or multimedia services. Through their telecommunication network, they provide wireless telecommunication services to business clients. The company conducts regular security audits to ensure that they can provide a high-quality and reliable service. Following one of these security audits, the company decided to strengthen its cybersecurity to protect itself against security risks and threats.

The challenge

Before launching the project, Antenna Hungária pointed out two key outcomes. Both the operation of the company and the broad service portfolio had to be protected by comprehensive IT security solutions. Antenna Hungária envisioned a complete security umbrella for the IT services they rendered. The intended outcome was a harmonized and easily-managed system that generates understandable notifications and alerts in case of a security breach.

Although Antenna Hungária already had Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 security licenses, the services included hadn’t been fully implemented. In other words, the company already had the tools at their disposal, but still needed some guidance on what benefits are included in the solutions, their relevance to the company and the roadmap for implementation.

The solution

As a first step, Noventiq’s expert team explained the solutions included in the licenses and demonstrated how these services can be combined to offer integrated cybersecurity protection. Then, they developed a roadmap of the client’s infrastructure and goals, as well as industry research and best practices. The first version of the timeline outlined the impact of the changes for Antenna Hungária and was finalised after discussing the details. The approved plan represented a comprehensive system that significantly integrates Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 security solutions.  

During the project, the team of experts developed and strengthened Antenna Hungária’s IT security in the following key areas:

  1. Identity protection – including user identity, multi-factor authentication and self-service password resets.
  2. End-point protection – from strengthening the protection when accessing company assets to discovering shadow IT used by employees.
  3. Protection of online services – such as secure emailing, data loss prevention and conditional access for applications.
  4. Supporting legal and regulatory compliance by making it easier to identify and search information and data necessary for legal cases.

During the project, Noventiq’s experts also made sure that the work arrangements were flexible for Antenna Hungária’s employees, and that they would enjoy an outstanding user experience. Some of the services recommended were implemented gradually to avoid negative user experience and resistance towards the new solutions.

’We are constantly looking for new ways to provide innovative, reliable services to our clients. That’s why it’s crucial for us that every aspect of our operation is protected by comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. With Noventiq’s help, we achieved greater clarity on the services included in our licenses and the best way to utilise them to establish a modern and secure IT environment.’ – said Zsolt Árki, Chief Technical Officer at Antenna Hungária.

’We were thrilled to be involved in this project with Antenna Hungária for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. The company has a rich history, and has really come a long way in the last few years. Supporting their operations with our knowledge and expertise in IT security solutions is a huge honour for us.’ – added Zoltán Mészáros, Vice President of Noventiq Eastern Europe. 

Following the implementation of the security solutions, Antenna Hungária set the goal of establishing a central monitoring system to analyse incoming alerts. As a result, the system will be easier to review and understand, and will help to achieve quicker and more effective responses.

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