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How a leading financial solutions provider used Azure Recovery Services to level up their service.

The overview

The company in question is all about empowering enterprises and helping them transform the way they engage with their customers. The business offers three major products: Arise, a platform which enables customers to bundle their services with various 3rd party products/services and offer them as a subscription product to their customers; Marketplace, which helps clients to become a super-app by enabling their customers to book travel, order food & grocery, pay bills, etc. – all from their mobile app; and Card Stack, which enables clients to  get set up quickly on a wide range of digital functionalities built around credit, debit, or pre-paid card instruments. The business is partnered with a number of banks across India, UAE, KSA, Singapore, and across the rest of Asia.

The problem

The advent of COVID affected every business, and financial services were no exception. As regulations forced businesses to rethink how they deal with their customers, many found themselves facing the challenge of restructuring their businesses to ensure a seamless online experience, while also maintaining the level of security we expect from those to whom we entrust our money. Our customer in  this case, an online banking service on a mission to enhance customer service in the sector, was no exception.

Attracted by the possibility of greater reliability, security, and scalability, the customer was looking to move their staging environment from their existing on-prem deployment to the cloud. They also wanted to find a way to sidestep the hassle of endlessly maintaining and updating systems.

The solution

As with any business operating in the financial sector, the solution they needed had to be suitable for sensitive data, ensure business continuity, and include a comprehensive rollback plan. Also, the DR / Secondary site had to be located in the same region in order to comply with data regulations. Their final request was that their app's performance should be improved by reducing the page-load times.

After conducting a thorough evaluation of their operations and approach to data, Softline helped the customer to implement Azure Recovery Services to contribute to their BCDR strategy. By adopting these Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solutions, their business was able to deliver a higher level of protection for their critical business applications, while also reducing disaster recovery times, and saving on data protection costs.

Any strategy to do with business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) needs to keep data safe, and your apps and workloads online, so that when planned and unplanned outages occur, everything can still run smoothly. With that in mind, Softline implemented Azure Recovery Services. This means that the business now has the ability to:

  • keep a replica of their virtual environment on Azure Site Recovery, and;
  • recover the entire environment to and from Azure Site Recovery whenever they need to.

They also benefit from access to the business server in the Azure Site Recovery Environment, which means they can protect a mixture of environments involving both physical and virtual machines.

The result

By adopting these Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solutions, the business can now:

  • deliver more protection for their critical business applications, reduce disaster recovery times, and;
  • make significant savings on data protection costs.

What’s more, they have almost completely eradicated the nightmare of having to manage tape rotation management by automating data protection through Microsoft Azure Backup and Recovery Solutions.

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