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Insurance solutions provider migrates enterprise application to Azure

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Customer, one of the leading Indian digital insurance solutions provider for a variety of industries and sectors, was facing a serious portal latency with the increase of load during Covid pandemic. Noventiq engineers managed to resolve this issue by transforming core web application to microservices and rehosting them to Azure.

Business situation

The customer was experiencing a latency of an insurance portal. Slow webpage response was the result of the increased load in pandemic when all the transactions were performed online. This caused serious problems in the business of the customer. In addition, they wanted to move few of their processes to online and needed to extend the website functionality to manage them. The customer was looking for better efficiency and scalability of their Linux-based architecture.


Noventiq team suggested to develop a new cloud-native architecture from scratch rather than performing a lift and shift migration. The key idea of our approach was converting existing monolithic application to microservices hosted on AKS to provide redundancy, resiliency, and scalability leading to prominent end user experience. We proposed to break down the home page that was receiving load to two components hosted on AKS on Linux nodes and capable to autoscale the pods according to the load. The website frontend remains the same, only the backend is reconstructed.

This gives customer a capability to implement each microservice in different languages and frameworks choosing the best technology for particular use case.

Noventiq decided to implement CI/CD pipeline which will enable customer to deploy/rollout application faster and to implement changes on the go without any latency and downtime. Noventiq used MySQL as database engine along with AKS on Linux nodes as the backend infrastructure for hosting application on Azure.

Through continuous CI/CD pipeline, customer can deploy new features of the application and shorten the testing/UAT time. They now monitor how the website changes will be reflecting in real time without degrading application and user experience.


Customer issues with insurance portal have been resolved, they now offer better experience to their end users. Total infrastructure cost for hosting application was reduced and the solution brought addition improvements including reduction in manpower by optimising application deployments and updates. Leveraging Azure gave customer an adaptive enterprise setup where everything is being managed online and the setup is ready to accommodate any new changes.

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