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Softline upgrades cybersecurity system for the Stavropol city administration

Softline has successfully completed a project to upgrade the information security system in the Stavropol City Hall. This large-scale project employed solutions developed by Infotecs and Security Code. The upgraded system has already been certified for compliance with government regulations. For a one-year period Softline will be providing support and maintenance. This arrangement will ensure maximum protection from cyber threats for the city administration.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

City administration employees in Stavropol have to deal with thousands of problems related to managing a city with half a million residents.  To provide timely response to requests from the public, the Stavropol government relies on modern information technologies that need protection from cyber threats.

The cybersecurity system in the Stavropol City Hall was ripe for an upgrade to comply with new government regulations. The city administration announced a call for tenders and awarded the contract to Softline, a company with unique expertise in cybersecurity. Softline can provide all its clients with software and services covering the entire information security perimeter and guaranteeing maximum protection. The company also keeps strengthening its professional team, expanding its portfolio of solutions and services and increasing the number of projects involving cutting-edge SOC solutions.

Softline maintains partner relations with key data security software developers such as Kaspersky Lab, ESET, Check Point, Fortinet, InfoWatch, Infotecs, Security Code and many others. Infotecs and Security Code software was recommended for the Stavropol project by Softline engineers as a powerful means of protecting the corporate network perimeter from external and internal threats.

At the next stage of the project Secure information Technologies (BIT), a long-time partner of Softline, audited the upgraded system and established that it was in full compliance with government regulations. BIT consultants will now join experts from Softline to deal with maintenance of the system for one year.

“Federal regulations are especially strict to data security systems in government agencies. Softline has upgraded our system according to all the contractual terms and within the specified time frame. We have already found that Softline engineers who would be responsible for maintenance of the system and its repair, if need be, are highly competent and can provide a clear, concerted and informed response to any emergency”, comments Mikhail Usyantsev, head of IT Committee at Stavropol city administration.

“Softline is an active participant in the digital transformation of federal and regional government agencies.  Every year we complete a large number of projects in the public sector, including those related to data security. Products and services offered by Softline can solve any IT problem for its clients. Therefore, we are planning to further  advance our cooperation with government agencies and take active part in open calls for tenders,” – says Dmitriy Nikulin, manager for relations with the public sector at Softline.

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