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Noventiq (formerly Softline) Launches Platform for Subscription to Value-Added Services in Sri Lanka

Softline in partnership with Sri Lanka Telecom has launched a platform that allows users from South-East Asia subscribe to to value-added IT services. The platform has already benefited major Russian telecom operators, insurance companies and credit institutions who can now enjoy new ways to interact with their target audience and reach a greater number of consumers.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

Sri Lanka Telecom is the largest mobile operator in the country. It provides high-quality services to millions of subscribers and spares no effort to look for new solutions that increase customer loyalty. The operator has selected the Softline platform to offer subscription to value-added products and services (VAS).

The Softline subscription platform has earned a solid reputation in Russia since its launch in 2011.   It was initially designed to help the customers of telecom operators, financial and credit institutions, and insurance companies use antivirus software. Currently the platform makes it possible to integrate a subscription to a VAS with any software or IT solution.

Customers can go to their personal account, select additional services from any vendor and buy a subscription. Their request is immediately sent to Softline for processing and forwarding to the vendor. At the final stage, the customer receives the product, and the subscription fee is charged monthly to his/her account.

After a huge success of the platform in the Russian B2C market, Softline has been promoting it abroad and signed numerous contracts with companies from Germany, Turkey and CIS countries.

“Our subscription service has already benefited a number of leading Russian corporations. We are ready to extend the reach of our platform to as many Softline foreign partners and customers as possible. Our platform is an effective tool that creates new ways of interaction with the target audience. Of course, the success of this project requires the involvement of truly customer-oriented mobile operators, banks and insurance companies.  In its turn, Softline will be actively improving the platform and adding new vendors to it,”—says Maxim Tikhonov, Head of Software Subscription Business at Softline.

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