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  • Noventiq (formerly Softline) helps EVRAZ, a Global Mining and Steel Company, Automate Claim Notice Management

Noventiq (formerly Softline) helps EVRAZ, a Global Mining and Steel Company, Automate Claim Notice Management

Last year, Softline developed and implemented a claim notice management system for EVRAZ. The project included configuring a self-service portal for the registration of claim notices and a system for their further handling. This solution will mitigate the risks of information loss due to human error, reduce the number of contract defaults and improve the quality of service. The system is based on the Creatio platform customized to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

EVRAZ is a vertically integrated mining, steel and vanadium company with assets in Russia, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Kazakhstan. One of the world's leading steel manufacturers, EVRAZ is committed to sustainable development as a key to long-term stability and competitiveness. In particular, the company takes special care of customer complaints and uses feedback on its products and services to analyze reasons for dissatisfaction and promptly address any problems that hinder business development. 

EVRAZ awarded the contract for a convenient and powerful claim management system to Softline, whose outstanding expertise in the automation of internal and external business processes had got an additional boost after a merger with Aflex Distribution. Softline’s Business Solutions department now offers a full range of products and services, from Terrasoft Russia solutions to turnkey project delivery. 

The Softline team has successfully deployed a Creatio-based solution customized in line with EVRAZ requirements.

"EVRAZ customers will now be able to file their claim notices via a user-friendly self-service portal, and track the status of their claims at all processing stages in near-real time. Fault reports are auto-filled, while integration with SAP facilitates product identification and supplies information on counterparties to ensure great user experience. Most importantly, the automated system helps claim managers monitor the timeframe of warranty services and allows their supervisors to make informed decision based on complete and reliable data. Therefore, the new service features all the functions needed by EVRAZ,” —says Mark Kalaidov, Head of the Terrasoft Department at Softline.

"Creatio is a low-code platform that provides cutting-edge tools for business process automation, helps build unique enterprise solutions, and develop flexible mechanisms to deal with business tasks and accelerate digital transformation,"—explains Alexander Bondarev, Head of the BPM Department at Softline.

"The ongoing improvement of customer experience is a priority for EVRAZ. Therefore, we needed a mechanism for competent analysis of reasons for complaints and timely remedial measures as well as preventive action. Softline experts have customized and expanded the functions of the Service Creatio platform to meet our specifications and developed unique means of processing customer claim notices. We expect the claim management service to reduce the risk of losing information and prevent the wasteful use of resources. The automation of this process will also minimize human error and help us build a claim management knowledge base, as well as improve the quality and speed of claims handling and warranty service. We would also like to commend the Softline team for their flexibility in adopting our internal project management standards (Agile). We aim to move on by introducing new services and providing the best customer experience in the market,"– comments Dmitry Kleimenov, Chief Manager of Supply Chain Development at EVRAZ.

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