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Noventiq (formerly Softline) deploys a traffic Balancing system for Kondaneft

Forward-looking mining companies realize that a good corporate IT infrastructure must rely on fault-tolerant data storage. Softline has all the expertise needed to find the best value option for the upgrade of data storage systems.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

Kondaneft, an affiliate of Rosneft, the flagship of the Russian oil industry, was seeking a traffic balancing solution for its mature IT infrastructure. In particular, it needed to bring its Unified Corporate Telecommunications System (UCTS) into compliance with the parent company standards. 

In a call for tenders announced by the client, the contract was awarded to Softline, a renowned expert in data storage solutions and a long-term partner of dependable vendors in this field.  Its advantages also included solid financial performance, a long history of cooperation with Rosneft, the top partner status from Hewlett Packard Enterprises and the availability of certified engineers to install, test and launch the system. Softline’s project also offered the best value.

The solution for Kondaneft combines products from two vendors, HPE and Fortinet. Softline has supplied server equipment from the DL360 and DL380 product lines, and a MSA2050 SAN storage system. This hardware was chosen because of its guaranteed reliability and excellent customer support from the manufacturer; also, Kondaneft engineers already have substantial experience in working with HPE servers.

Softline has also installed FortiMail, a fault-tolerant secure email gateway employing cutting-edge technologies and FortiGuard Labs security services.

Thanks to extensive consultations with Softline throughout the project duration, the customer made the right decision that led to considerable savings on its IT infrastructure. Softline engineers did all the work needed to install, test and launch the system as planned.

Softline organized a presentation to compare FortiMail to similar solutions, and the FortiNet product won the competition. First, it was found to fit the specific conditions of installation at Kondaneft. Second, FortiNet has a flexible pricing policy, and Softline succeeded in negotiating a substantial discount from the vendor as its reliable long-time partner.

“We have completed this project following a series of long and arduous negotiations, but all the parties are now in a win-win situation. Our expertise in HPE and FortiNet-based projects helped the client get a solution that fully meets its requirements and corporate regulations. Our engineers installed, tested and launched the system in the shortest time possible,” – comments Valeriy Troitskiy, project account manager at Softline.

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