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Noventiq (formerly Softline) Ecommerce wins AB test in Mexico, proving efficiency and reliability of the solution

Noventiq (formerly Softline) Ecommerce wins AB test in Mexico, proving efficiency and reliability of the solution

Noventiq (formerly Softline) Ecommerce as a provider of payment solution showed the best result in AB test among all providers in Mexico. The solution proves its efficiency by positive data, significantly increasing the conversion into purchase and number of orders, providing the installments as the most popular payment model and other complex services.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

Softline Ecommerce prevailed at one of the most important markets by the success in a two- month test in Mexico. The solution helps an end-user complete a purchase without quitting the sales cycle, which positively influences on the revenue growth.  The stage of the ordering is really important for sales growth in eCommerce in terms of decision-making patterns, related to monetization and conversion. While testing and optimizing, AB test influences end users’ decision to complete the checkout or quit.

When the sales rates are good, in most cases the changing circumstances and the end users’ wishes are not taken into consideration. They quit the shopping cart without a purchase if they don’t see their preferable payment method. That’s why in order to increase the sales AB tests are highly recommended. This approach helps test and find the best practices, maximize the revenue by increasing the productivity of the actions. It’s really important to choose a reliable partner with massive background in payments for any company, which expands in eCommerce sphere. A lot of market players make AB tests   among the providers on a regular basis, checking their efficiency, their services with local payment methods and installments, measuring the amount of end-users who completed the check out.

Softline Ecommerce solution showed its efficiency many times and successfully passed AB tests among other providers in different markets. The services and functionality of the solution proved to be one of the best options for the sales and revenue growth.

Softline Ecommerce exceeds other solutions due to its capacity:

  • Page load time
  • AI-based multi-acquiring (and local acquiring)
  • BI powered anti-fraud tools
  • Personalized trigger e-mailing
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout customization
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Flexible tool that helps you AB test local variations
  • Trust marks -clients’ reviews, awards, payment secure processing

The solution offers local optimization to meet the audience expectations, depending on a country or a market. The latest AB test in Europe showed great results of Softline Ecommerce performance:

  • Checkout conversion rate jumped 14.4% (from an 11.1% conversion rate to 12.7%).
  • Bookings increased by 12,8%, which was mainly driven by the option for customers to pay by installments.
  • The share of payments by installments, out of all payments, showed great interest in the payment method (Taking 18,1% of the payment methods share, and 23,5% of the payments by card share).
  • With 24% of the customers clicking on the "Pay by installments" button on the order page, this added payment method showed great potential for the checkout’s optimization.

‘The efficiency of Softline Ecommerce solution in Latin America is obvious. The positive analytics and the demand proved it one more time. Nonetheless, this win in Mexico helped us to strengthen our partnership with the vendor.  Besides the increase of the conversion to purchase, we keep improving the client service and integrate more popular payment methods to attract more new end users. The importance of AB test proves the positive dynamics of our expansion. So, we keep growing in Latin America’, Marina Kuznetsova, Head of Global Business Development.

Potential clients of Softline in Russia as well as in global market test the payment solutions on regular basis and admit the status of Softline Ecommerce as the most efficient solution and reliable partner. The vendors choose the solution of Softline Ecommerce as the post optimal version for global eCommerce operations.

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