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Noventiq (formerly Softline) Cloud Platform Helps Adaga Geosteering Solutions Optimize its IT Infrastructure

Noventiq (formerly Softline) Cloud Platform Helps Adaga Geosteering Solutions Optimize its IT Infrastructure

Noventiq (formerly Softline) has deployed the IT infrastructure of software developer Adaga Geosteering in its Softline Cloud. This will allow the company to scale more efficiently and optimize the work of its IT staff.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

Softline Cloud service has solved several customer's tasks at once: the first was the issue of terminal servers, i.e. remote desktops. The project was based on a public cloud hosted in the Moscow data center. From that point on, Adaga Geosteering started ramping up its cloud infrastructure.  

The company has implemented projects in the Softline cloud to relocate and upgrade the company's internal IT infrastructure and internal information systems. This has enabled top-class availability, the benefit of which was that it saved time for the company's IT staff to maintain the server infrastructure. This allowed us to use Adaga Geosteering's IT specialists to develop the systems and services the company offers to its customers without expanding its staff.

"We were very quick to find solutions when communicating with technical support and managers as well as specialists and engineers. We are glad to be able to communicate without unnecessary paperwork, which is sometimes a critical point if it is not possible to sign an application for expansion of resources promptly.

My impressions of using the SL Cloud are very positive. The platform is being continuously developed and upgraded, these processes can be adjusted to your needs, which allows you to implement your projects without thinking about the purchase of equipment and software licenses," says Roman Skuratovsky, Leading Infrastructure Engineer at Adaga Geosteering.

Adaga Geosteering, a software developer and provider of services mining and exploration services, needed a flexible and scalable cloud solution tailored to the specifics of its business. During software development, the company hosts customers' resources in its own IT infrastructure, and the cloud helps to do this more efficiently.

"Clouds are an actively developing direction in Softline, this is a convenient and suitable model for any customer because they pay only for the services they use and are free to scale it. This is its main advantage compared to in-house IT infrastructure, which can stand idle or, on the contrary, be insufficient for expansion. In the cloud, the customer can throttle, upscale, or downsize all the resources. This optimizes IT resources and reduces the customer's expenses," notes Roman Levochko, Softline Account Manager.

In the future, the company plans to add a disaster recovery service for some business-critical applications. Softline is actively transferring the 1C client to the cloud and enhances the system's information security. "As the company grows, Adaga Geosteering plans to fully migrate its IT infrastructure to the cloud and, where possible, switch to license, VM, and server leasing. 

"The characteristic feature of Softline is being a multitask company. It is easier for the customer to communicate with a single service provider and have a one-stop shop for all requests. We can provide both IaaS and several data centers, solve 1C tasks, and deliver cybersecurity solutions while maintaining high quality and reliability standards," emphasizes Roman Levochko.

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