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  • Noventiq (formerly Softline) carried out integration of NCDS
Noventiq (formerly Softline) carried out integration of NCDS

Noventiq (formerly Softline) carried out integration of NCDS

Noventiq (formerly Softline), a leading global IT solutions and services provider, has completed the integration of the National Center for Development and Support (NCDS) focused on open and secure information technologies.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

The best known products of NCDS include: 

  • MSVSphere AWS is a customer operating system based on the Linux kernel with integrated user applications. This system is designed to create multifunctional automated workstations.
  •  MSVSphere Server is a server operating system based on the Linux kernel with integrated server services. The system is oriented to create powerful multipurpose server platforms.
  • MSVSphere Infooborot is a scalable and flexible content management system, which can be used to create corporate-class information systems for a wide range of purposes: internal portals, business process management, electronic archives, and much more. This full-featured platform has already been successfully implemented by a number of major customers and can compete on the Russian market with the leading corporate unstructured information and business process management platforms.

NCDS software will be presented in the market under Softline brand.

Softline's software development team was created during the integration process. It includes competence centers and solution implementation teams based on such Softline departments as Develonica, Business Solutions Department, Service Development Department and Technical Support Center. 

Develonica team, which has a staff of more than 1,500 people and specializes in custom development, has made products a priority. In its turn, Softline's Service Development Department has built up engineering expertise to support implementation and migration projects.

Softline will also develop the partner ecosystem around the new product line. New partner programs have been developed for this purpose. The company's Technical Support Center has added new solutions to its expertise and will support customers and partners in Russia along all lines. 

Softline Education Center has prepared offline and online training programs for Softline products. All these elements will be part of the long-term development strategy of the software range, which includes a number of open source software products:

"Softline solutions and services portfolio expansion is a part of our big three-dimensional growth strategy. As part of the strategy, one of Softline's tasks is to strengthen its positions in the Russian market of product and custom development, and the integration of NCDS is one of the steps on the path of Softline software development. We see a promising future in promoting our own developments in the Russian market," Oleg Tremzin, Softline Services Director, comments.

"With NCDS joining Softline's highly professional team, our developments will receive great support and promotion. I am sure that by combining the products developed by us and Softline's resources, we will be able to bring the software to a new level in the Russian market," Roman Evdokimov, Deputy CEO of NCDS, states.

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