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Company name change to “Noventiq Holdings plc”

Company name change to “Noventiq Holdings plc”

The change of the company name to “Noventiq Holdings plc” was duly passed at the General Meeting on 15 February 2023.

London, UK - On 24 January 2023 the Company issued a Notice of General Meeting and Shareholder Circular related to its intention to re-domicile from Cyprus to the Cayman Islands. As part of that notice, a resolution was put to shareholders to change the company name to “Noventiq Holdings plc” and this was duly passed at the General Meeting on 15 February 2023. The Company is pleased to confirm this change has now taken effect with the Cypriot Registrar of Companies.

The change of name will not affect any rights of shareholders, and existing share certificates should be retained and remain valid. The company’s ISIN numbers will stay the same as US83407L2079, and US83407L1089.

The Company has been operating under the brand name of Noventiq since October 2022. Further information about Noventiq is available at: https://noventiq.com/


Steven Salter
Global Investor Relations VP

Rocio Herraiz
Global Head of Communications


About Noventiq

Noventiq is a leading global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, headquartered and listed in London. The company enables, facilitates and accelerates digital transformation for its customers’ businesses, connecting 75,000+ organisations from all sectors with hundreds of best-in-class IT vendors, alongside its own services and solutions.

Noventiq – led by a highly qualified board of directors including Jacques Guers, Roy Harding, Igor Borovikov, Karl Robb, Marc Kasher, and Sergey Chernovolenko – reported a turnover of US$ 1.1 billion in the fiscal year of 2021, and is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. In October 2021, company ‘Softline Holding plc’ received its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:SFTL).

Noventiq's 5,900 employees work in almost 60 countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa—markets with significant growth potential.

Additional information about the company can be found here: https://noventiq.com/   

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