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Case Studio & Noventiq (formerly Softline) partnership in APAC

Case Studio & Noventiq (formerly Softline) partnership in APAC

Case Studio has strengthened its presence in APAC region by new collaboration with the global solutions provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity for customers from 50+ countries – Softline. Companies agreed to deliver comprehensive IT services for financial industry, including no-code products for banking & fintech automation.

Softline Holding plc began trading under the brand name Noventiq after divesting part of its business in October 2022.

Case StudioCooperation involves promotion of the no-code Case Platform and various solutions based on it: Debt Management System, Loans Origination System, Decision Support System, Factoring, Antifraud and others. Case Studio helps to improve customers’ business efficiency by 15 times without involving programmers.

Since Softline has launched GeoExpansion (GEaaS) for international promotion of selected value-added service offerings, it provides partners with both quantitatively and qualitatively right resources to scale their business overseas. According to Anna Lyubogoscheva, Head of Business Development, Softline Global Alliances, “we’ve chosen to start this Case Studio partnership acceleration by networking in Vietnam and Malaysia as a pilot project, reach out to the target audience in collaboration with our local colleagues under the management of General Manager Quan Le (Vietnam) and General Manager Yeewee Low (Malaysia). Also we have support from the Softline top managers – Andrew Morrison, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions & Services, Alexander Mikoyan, Vice President, Strategy & Growth, Marketing and Ilya Anzhiganov, APAC Vice President.”

Earlier this year Case Studio opened its first headquarter abroad – Case Studio Global PTE LTD in Singapore and have already implemented versatile projects for clients in Vietnam and Philippines. As the Case Studio Global CEO Amangeldy Mamyrbekov said, “this partnership represents a great opportunity to expand our outreach in Asian market and to offer better services to our customers. For instance, Vietnam is much more familiar to us thanks to the long-term cooperation with AMG Collect, IT-based debt collection company. Two years ago, we installed Debt Management System based on our no-code Case Platform and successfully automated their key business processes.”

Automation gave AMG Collect an opportunity to speed up the client profile processing and building an integrated overdue debt collection process. As it progressed, it led to improving collection rates, increasing company revenues and acquiring its own loan portfolio. Functions of automated banking systems were added to the system. Therefore, company management decided to go further and conducted integration with one of the largest Vietnamese payment acceptance services – Bao Kim terminals, which made the payment process for debtors a lot faster and nationwide. Implementation of the Debt Management System played a crucial part in the AMG Collect development so the provided tools integrated with the most comprehensible domestic services. Platform easily integrated into a collector’s business system resulting in quick payback and the debt recovery process improved remarkably.

“Regarding Malaysia, we are planning to perform proof of concept there. It is one of the most open and promising economies in the world with large financial sector embracing modern digital banking trends – it is expected to achieve its transition to a high-income economy during the next couple of years. At the same time, the pandemic has had a major impact on low-income society group so the financial obligations & debts are escalating and our solutions are going to be in demand,” Amangeldy Mamyrbekov concluded.

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