Политика защиты и надлежащего использования активов Компании

Policy of Use and Protection of Company’s Assets


This Policy is applied to all Noventiq’s employees, top managers and members of the Board of Directors (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Employees).

Company’s Assets

Assets shall be understood as the tangible property (computers, mobile phones, pass cards, etc.) and intellectual property to be duly protected. The Company’s assets include tangible property, such as office premises, furniture, equipment and consumables, as well as IT systems and other technological assets, intellectual property rights and confidential information.


To preserve the value of our assets, they should be properly protected.

All employees, mid- and top-level managers and directors should do their best to protect the Company’s assets and ensure their effective usage. Theft, negligence and wastefulness directly impact the Company’s profitability and harm interests of the parties interested in the Company’s activities. All our assets should be only used to achieve legitimate business goals and objectives. Any suspected fraud or theft should be immediately reported to initiate an investigation. Our assets and equipment may not be used for the purposes not related to the Company's core business, unless appropriate prior authorization has been obtained from your immediate manager.

In certain events, personal usage of assets may be allowed, provided that this will neither prevent the Company from implementation of its tasks and activities, nor infringe the legality of Company's activities; assets may not be used to gain personal benefits or for any other improper purposes, or otherwise violate this Policy and other policies of the Company.

IT Systems

Usage of IT systems should be as minimum as reasonably possible. All Company’s policies in respect of personal data should be followed in the Company's IT systems and in the IT systems, which are not owned by the Company, but allow to link user’s activities with the Company. For example, Company’s IT systems may not be used for forwarding or dispatching personal information that does not comply with our Business Conduct Guidelines or any other applicable policies, or for any purposes, being knowingly false, dishonest, or unacceptable for any reasons whatsoever.

If you have access to the Company’s IT systems, you have to take care to prevent any unauthorized access thereto, including protection of passwords and logins.

Employees may use software only subject to license agreements. Unless permitted by the Company beforehand, the users are not allowed to:

  • Install any software on the Company’s computers;
  • Install any software owned by the Company on non-Company’s computers;
  • Give copies of Company-owned or licensed software to third persons.

Intellectual Property

Our Company’s intellectual property rights are the high-value assets to be protected by all employees. Moreover, we equally respect others’ intellectual property rights. Intellectual property includes, but not limited to, patents, trademarks and service marks, domain names, copyrights, including to software, rights to industrial property, databases, know-how or other confidential information (referred to either as “trade secrets” or as “proprietary information”), as well as the rights under intellectual property agreements. Results of official activities are also considered to be the company’s property, unless their use for the purposes other than the official activities has been permitted beforehand. Any use of the Company’s systems in violation of respective intellectual property rights, such as illegal or unauthorized copying or distribution of materials being subject to intellectual property rights, is strictly prohibited.

S.V. Chernovolenko,
Global CEO of Noventiq

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