Environment Policy Noventiq

Environment Policy

1. Summary

Noventiq’s environment policy defines the principles, goals, objectives and focal areas of the Company’s activities in the field of environment protection and safety.

This policy is implemented pursuant to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001, national and international laws and regulations for the environment protection and rational use of natural resources. It is also aimed at meeting customer requirements shown to management of environment and natural resources.

The purpose of Noventiq's environment policy is to ensure environmentally sound and sustainable development of the Company in the short and long term and to minimize negative impact on the environment.

To implement the environment policy, Noventiq’s task is to select the scope of business, methods of operation and types of resources, which affect the environment to the minimum possible extent. Moreover, Noventiq assists its customers and partners in implementing advanced methods and technologies to reduce adverse environment impact and resource consumption.

Noventiq’s environment policy is focused on the following areas:

  • Environment protection, including prevention of its pollution and far-sighted use of resources;
  • Compliance with the legislation, rules and regulations in the field of environment protection;
  • Stable functioning of the environment management system and its development.

2. Principles

Noventiq, in its activities, is guided by the following principles:

  • Stable functioning and improvement of the environment management system based on a risk-oriented approach;
  • Compliance with legal requirements, international treaties, rules and standards in the field of environment protection and management;
  • Prevention of environment pollution, disposal of waste using methods that have minimal impact on the environment;
  • Implementation of getting-acquainted sessions for the Company’s employees in ecology and environment protection, popularization of a healthy ecological environment;
  • Responsible and leading approach of Noventiq’s top management to implementation of the Company’s environment policy.
  • Monitoring of the Company’s activities, as well as the process of building usage for compliance with ISO 14001.
  • Ensuring minimization of adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Rational use of natural resources at all stages of the Company’s activities and
    minimization of their use.

Noventiq acknowledges the importance of this policy implementation both for itself and for the whole society, and believes that the compliance with this environment policy is the key to ensure environment safety of its activities.

3. Revision history

Issue No Version No Issue Date Summary of Changes
1 1.0 2020 Final Document
2 2.0 2023 Change of CEO


Hervé Tessler,
CEO Noventiq

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